Bound oil wrestling

My friend Kimmie and I are hogtied on a latex sheet on the bed with massage oil on our nude bodies. We are doing a contest who can escape first from their bonds. We are slippery and we wrestle against eachother while we are undoing our ropes. Who’s gonna win this game?

Escaping the armbinder

Now in this clip you will see something that you have not seen often before. I’m bound in a leather armbinder which I will escape from. To make it more difficult I’m wearing a leather collar and nipple clamps with little weights. My legs are cuffed and spread apart with an iron bar so they will not be very useful either!

Jail break

I’m locked up in this cage with my hands cuffed through the bars. My neck is in the built in iron collar. The keys for the cuffs and the locks are outside the cage just out of reach. I have to be inventive to retrieve them or I will be stuck in this cage forever! How will I solve this?

Session with mistress Gwendoline

Looking back over the year 2011 Ivy thought that she had deserved a good punishment. Mistress Gwendoline was willing to give it to her and wraps her upper body in plastic foil. Then she torments Ivy with candle wax and small ice cubes. Ivy and all her friends are wishing you a great 2012 and are looking forward to see you back with another year of great clips!

Plastic bagging

I’m all zipped up in a plastic bag. My hands and feet are tied with black rope. There is a small hole in the bag with an air tube I can breath through. But then someone is putting his finger on the opening of the tube. I can’t inhale air anymore and I have to stay calm to save my breath. How long can I hold on?

Hogtied with ropes

I find myself lying on the bed again in a strict hogtie. The rope is tied behind my back to my heavy leather collar. The nipple clamps are digging in my breasts because I’m lying on my belly. Trying to escape is difficult and it hurts but in a way it’s fun!

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