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You will see me in: high heels, corsets, latex clothing, uniforms, full nudity, inescapable bondage, breath control, nipple torture, electro, institutional restraints, gas masks, chastity belts, packaging, femdom and much more! As you see I do not focus on one fetish but I love it all!!

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Oil wrestling in bondage

Here is an unofficial bondage contest I did with Rebelgirl. We are both nude and hogtied on the bed. Our bodies are lubricated with slippery oil. We are trying to escape but we are both tied up very well. Then we decided to cheat by helping each other to escape so at the end we can have a little well deserved rest on the bed.

Hung up in a straitjacket

Catharine is strapped in a Posey straitjacket and wearing a muzzle gag. The belt around her waist is connected to the frame so she is literally hanging in there. Also she is standing on high heels so keeping her balance is difficult especially with the strap between her legs. There is no easy way to escape from this predicament.

Noose play

Prisoner Rebelgirl is waiting for execution. Her hands are restrained to her waist and her ankles are shackled. A noose is tied around her neck. Then the hangman kicks the stool away and she is hanging by her neck. Remember this is just fantasy play. No Rebelgirls were harmed during this video. Don’t try this at home!

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Overall score of 78/100 on Fetish Fish reviews!

I like how the models are professionals who are comfortable with such acts. It was just the right kind of entertainment that I was hoping with a bondage artist.
Spenz Martin

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Mary handcuffed and shackled

Meet my new friend from Australia. Mary came over to have a shoot for my site. I have shackled her feet to the bed and put various pairs of handcuffs on her slender wrists. To make the picture complete she is also wearing a dental gag and a posture collar. Now it’s time to escape! We are going to have so much fun with Cobie!

Cuffed to the bed

Kristin has done it again! The big breasted girl is handcuffed with her arms spread to the bed. She is wearing a heavy leather corset, a blindfold and a gag. Her legs are shackled to the other side of the bed. She is stuck until someone drops the keys in her hands. Now it is time to start unlocking her self.

Latest Updates

BDSM Guide for Beginners

If you have come here after the bondage that you have seen in movies, you should realize that you haven’t explored even half of what is possible in BDSM. There is no need to feel uncomfortable learning about BDSM as it is just another sexual fantasy which goes a little towards the extreme side. The intensity of it depends on the limits of the couple who is involved in it.

Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, is a power exchange activity which has been practised from a long time ago. It involves a person giving his or her total body control to another person. This kind of experience is often enjoyed by couples which include a dominant and submissive partner. People do not usually try out BDSM on hook-ups as it is an activity that requires the trust of your partner. No one wants to get tied up by a stranger, not knowing what’s about to happen next.

What makes BDSM?

Many may have the question of what level of dominance and submission makes an experience a BDSM. It depends on where you set the limits, but it usually starts where you and your partner use some controlling accessories like blindfolds, handcuffs, and ropes in your play. Anything that two people show control over each other may become a BDSM sexual experience. There are a few essential terms of BDSM experience that you should know.


The person who takes control of the session or is usually the dominant one in the pair is the dominator. He or she dominates the other person mentally or physically.


The person who gives his or her control to their partner is the submissive one. Their role is to follow the commands of the dominator and take the pressure of their domination.


“Switch” is someone who enjoys playing both the roles at different times and situations. They can enjoy both the roles with their partner or change their roles with different play partners.

The sexual aspect of BDSM

Some people can have a very sexual focus when they involve themselves in BDSM, while others can also have a psychological desire to fulfil. It is important to understand what you expect from BDSM and share it with your partner before you indulge in the activity. It will create a consent that you need for the session and will help you enjoy rather worrying for each other.

The safety aspects of BDSM

BDSM is an activity which deals with deeper parts of the psyche of a relationship. Giving away your control to someone else needs trust, or else you are compromising on your safety. People have different levels of sexual excitements and desires. Consent and safety measures help both the parties to enjoy the session under their limits. Do not give way for physical and mental hurt and abuse when you are trying out BDSM. The best way to do it is only to discuss safe words, consent, and list of limits with a person you can trust.

5 Tips to Keep Your BSDM Safe and Enjoyable

Most of the people have their secret desires that they feel awkward to share with others. BDSM is one such fantasy that many would like to try out, but due to lack of clarity about the field, they are unable to proceed in the right way. It may feel like a weird interest, but medical science shows that people who practice BDSM are psychologically just as healthy as general people.

BDSM requires trust between the couples as it usually involves blindfolds and tied down positions which offer no clue of what the person is going to do next. Due to this reason, there should be a set of rules that should be followed.  These rules will ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Clear the consent

Before both parties involved in the experience, it is important to take consent from both for what is about to happen. Clear out the things firsthand so that nothing new gets added up when someone is tied down. This will assure that both members are doing this at will and are comfortable with getting blindfolded or tied down.

Use safe words and signals

Setting up a safe word and signal to hold down any exciting activities that can go beyond the limits will control the overexcitement. Some activities can become erotic or dangerous when they are done suddenly without any consent. A safeword should make a clear statement to the other person to stop. Using “stop” can just be taken as a roleplay in BDSM, which is why you need a different word that can alert you and your partner when things get off-limits.

Clear out the don’ts

BDSM itself is an experience that many couples do not want to try out due to the tension it can build. Those who are trying it are already taking a new step, and one should not hesitate to clear out what is not allowed during the experience. Do not feel discouraged from clearing out your limits and what makes you uncomfortable.

Learn about the accessories

BDSM involves a lot of props, including handcuffs, blindfolds, and tying ropes. Before you begin using them, learn about the method of using and safety of the accessories. Even when you are using the ropes, know about the knots you can use to avoid any tangled up situation. It is suggested that you keep a pair of scissors to cut down the ropes in case your partners get stuck in a compromising position.

Know your body

BDSM puts a lot of strain to the body and can cause nerve and tissue damage to the more vulnerable parts of the body. The amount of tension and pain that one can take should be way below the levels of damaging pain limits. Do not forget the intention of BDSM is not to hurt your partner. Do not take any severe actions like tying the wrists too tightly that it cuts off the circulation or an uncomfortable situation that can cause muscle damage.

Exclusive Live: Playing with toys

Sharon is a very naughty girl. When she is not in bondage she likes to play with her self. This time she took a purple coloured double dong from her collection. On the bed she is touching her clit with it and inserts it in her vagina. There is not much bondage in this clip except for the leather cuffs and collar. But you will sure love this sexy show!